Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions denote the set of rules and regulations that we follow to safeguard the data or information pertaining to our service. These are the guidelines that always form a legal binding between the customers and website authorities

It is always good to strictly follow these set of instructions to access the service that we offer to our customers

Our service

We always have a certified team who is trained to answer any type of customer queries and it’s always our vision to offer the best support to all our customers

The service that we offer include the device setup, activation, resolving the errors associated with the process and a lot more

Privacy policies

There are a set of policies that are specially framed to safeguard the customer information that we collect. Both personal and official data are included and will be used if there is any requirement

Personal information such as the name, email ID and password are must if there is any service requirement for the customers

Rules and regulations

Strict laws and regulations are established to safeguard and secure the data or information collected from the customers. It’s another important point to note that no data or information will be handed over to the judicial authorities unless there is a requirement

The information or data sharing will always be with the prior consent of the customers

It’s the copyright regulation that helps to prevent the misuse or sharing the data with the third-party organizations for personal use

Plan orders and service plans are important to access any service. Customers can share this information either via email or by contacting the website authorities

Chargeback policies are followed and will help if the customers would like to return back the money or cancel the service that they use

Read, understand and adhere to the terms and conditions, privacy policies. You can get more updates contacting our service provider