Roku Error Code 016 Overview

Roku is the torchbearer among the streaming devices available in the market currently. You can stream whatever you prefer on the Roku device. Additionally, there are countless free and paid channels on your Roku device which you can activate and watch. Roku offers you contents ranging across all ages. However, at times you may encounter some problems on your Roku device. These glitches are generally known as Roku Error. For easy reference and troubleshooting, every error has a unique code. One such is the Roku error code 016 which you can tackle easily. Follow the below-mentioned troubleshooting tips to resolve the error code 016 and resume streaming on your Roku device smoothly.

Roku Error Code 016

Roku Error Code 016

Causes of Roku Error Code 016

The causes of the error code 016 are given below

  • This error primarily occurs when you are trying to launch a channel but the network connection is slow or lost
  • You can easily tackle this error code with a few troubleshooting tips

Troubleshooting Roku Error Code 016

Below are the Procedures to Troubleshoot the 016 Error Code

  • First, navigate to ‘Set up connection’ and follow the steps to on-screen to connect to your network. If the wireless network is still weak or the Roku error code 016 persists, try the following tips

Restart All Your Devices

  • First, go to the ‘System’ menu in your Roku device and select the ‘System Restart’ option
  • After that, select the ‘Restart’ option to restart your Roku device
  • Following this, remove the power cord from your network router and wait for a few seconds
  • Thereafter attach the power cord to your wireless router and turn it on
  • Finally, connect your Roku device to your network and try to load a channel
  • If the Roku error code 016 persists, continue with the below tips

Check Your Network Strength

  • First, navigate to the ‘Settings’ on your Roku device and select the ‘Network’ option
  • Subsequently, check your network strength under your wireless network
  • The network strength will appear in the categories – Poor, Fair, Good, or Excellent

Signal Strength is Good or Excellent But Still, The Roku Error Code 016 Appears:

  • Check for any wireless interference such as Cordless phones, microwave ovens, and other electronic devices
  • Contact your ISP and check if the network is undergoing some issues
  • Furthermore, you can disconnect all the other devices that are streaming from the same network such as phones, tablets, laptops, etc.

Roku Error Code 016 Appears when the Signal Strength is Poor or Fair:

  • For a strong signal, you can try to move the router close to your Roku device
  • You can also try to remove any obstacles that are between the router and your Roku device
  • Besides, you can re-orient your wireless router’s antennas to get a stronger connection
  • You can even try moving your Roku device a few inches or feet to help with the connection
  • In case if your wireless router or your Roku device is in a cabinet, take it out
  • Furthermore, you can also try to keep your Roku device and your router on an elevated position
  • If your TV is amid your wireless router and your Roku device, try positioning it in such a way it does not interfere with the devices
  • Additionally, if you are utilizing the Roku Streaming Stick, you can avail of a free HDMI extension cable and move the Roku stick far from your TV

Additional Tips to Improve Your Network Connection

  • You can purchase a new wireless router that provides you a strong and reliable signal
  • Moreover, there are some network options like range extenders, mesh network routers, and range extenders that help to improve the signal strength
  • You can also opt to use for internet via Ethernet temporarily to check out if the wireless network is the problem.
  • If the wireless network is the problem you can switch to the Ethernet network permanently for a strong and steady network connection
  • You can also try connecting your Roku device to a TV that is closer to the network router

If you have any further queries or want any additional information regarding Roku error code 016, feel free to call our customer service. You can contact them at any time. Furthermore, you can also visit our website for additional troubleshooting tips and tricks.

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