Roku Error Code 014.40 Overview

The Roku error code 014.40 indicates that Roku is not able to connect to your network.

This error happens in two scenarios

  • When you enter the wrong Roku passcode
  • When the restriction settings are activated on your router

It is easy to fix the 014.40 error code through troubleshooting steps. Let us discuss the Roku error codes and their consequences in general and then, the troubleshooting steps of the Roku error code 014.40.

Roku Error

A Roku error is a scenario when Roku doesn’t function effectively. For easy classification and troubleshooting, the Roku errors are assigned by specific codes. The following are some of the usual Roku errors

  • Error code 001
  • Roku Error code 003
  • Error code 005
  • Roku Error code 009
  • Error code 012
  • Roku Error code 014
  • Error code 016
  • Roku Error code 018
  • Error Code 014.40

Roku Error Consequences

Consequences of the error happening in Roku are

  • The Roku screen is blank
  • The streaming may not happen
  • Moreover, the video quality is not up to the mark
  • Likewise, the video display is not good
  • Additionally, the sound quality takes a beating
  • Video streaming takes an unusually long time
  • Not able to record a video or audio properly
  • Likewise, video broadcasts only with audio
  • Not able to hear sounds in the audio
  • Moreover, the streaming pauses in the middle
roku error code 014.40

Roku error code 014.40

Troubleshooting The Roku Error Code 014.40

Troubleshooting refers to the process of fixing an error coming up on a Roku device. As we saw earlier there are specific errors that comes on Roku. Each error has a numeric code. Thus, the troubleshooting process cannot be the same for all errors coming up on a Roku.

Roku Error Code 014.40 Troubleshooting Steps

Verify Your Credentials

The main cause for the Roku error code 014.40 is entering the wrong password. To err is human, we may at times enter the password incorrectly and consequently, the Roku error code 014.40 will come up

Thus, when you key the password, be sure to enter the correct one. There are three scenarios of getting the 014.40 error. One is when you enter the username wrongly and the password correctly; the other scenario is entering the username correctly but entering the password wrongly. The last scenario, where both the username and password are keyed wrongly

Connect To The Right Network

When you try connecting to your Roku to a network, the search for the network connection commences and consequently, a list of the available networks appears. And then you click on your network and key your Roku credentials and get connected to the network.

Instead of selecting your network, you may by mistake select some other network and key in your credentials. Moreover, the other network won’t accept the credentials and this causes error. So, beware to select the correct network and connect your Roku to it.

Check The Cache

This error might also happen because of cache problem. Roku records a cache when the search and configurations are frequently occurring. Off late, the cache configurations might tarnish and it may result in the error code 014.40

Deactivate The Restriction Settings

When the feature ‘Mac filtering’ is active on your router, the Mac id for your Roku device is restricted by your ISP from utilizing the internet. Thus, go to the setting and deactivate the restriction settings

Reinitialize Your Network Configurations

It is better to reinitialize your Wireless password, network username, and other similar settings. Perform the reinitializing of these configurations and chances are high that the error goes off

Hope you got to know about the Roku error code 014.40, its causes, consequences and the troubleshooting steps. If you face the error code 014.40 try using these troubleshooting instructions.

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