Resolve Roku Error Code 014.30

Roku error code 014.30 is a common error code which you can get rid of easily. The Roku error codes indicate certain glitches in your Roku device that you can troubleshoot. Each glitch has a unique error code. These codes help the user to identify the error easily without any hassles. Likewise, it also helps in easy resolution.

The error code 014.30 is a kind of subcategory of the error code 014. Many other error categories that fall under the error code 014. This error comes up when your Roku finds it tough to connect to the Wi-Fi network. Every category of the 014 error has troubleshooting instructions. They are slightly different from one another.

Let’s take a look at the other error codes before going to the overview and resolution of Roku error code 014.30.

Roku Error Codes

The following are the common error codes that appear on your Roku device

Types Of Roku Error Code 014

This is one of the main error codes of Roku. Additionally, there are several sub-categories to this error. The different types of errors codes falling under the 014 error code are

  • Error Code 014.30
  • Roku Error Code 014.40
  • Roku Error Code 014.50
  • Error Code 014.20
  • Roku Error Code 014.60

This error crops up when your Roku is not able to receive the transmission of network signal. Besides, this error may also occur when your Roku streaming device is not able to link to the internet

Roku Error Code 014.30

Roku Error Code 014.30

Causes Of The Error Code 014.30

This error code occurs due to the following reasons

  • Your wireless network has a poor strength
  • If your Roku device cannot connect to the wireless network
  • If there is no internet available
  • When your network password contains punctuation marks
  • If you use Mac address filtering

Troubleshooting The Error Code 014.30

Follow the given steps to get rid of the Roku error code 014.30 effectively

Test Your Network

  • Connect another device to your wireless network and make sure if the internet is working properly
  • If not, contact your Internet Service Provider and file a complaint
  • Otherwise if your internet is working fine, proceed with the below steps

Restart Your Devices

  • To restart your Roku device, select ‘Settings’ -> ‘System’ -> ‘System Restart’
  • If you have a Roku TV, then select ‘Settings’ -> ‘System’ -> ‘Power’ -> ‘System Restart’
  • Otherwise, you can simply unplug the power cord and re-plug it after a few seconds for restarting your Roku device
  • After that, reboot your router and your modem
  • Start by unplugging both your router and your modem
  • After waiting for 30 seconds re-plug your modem
  • Now wait for another minute before you re-plug the router
  • Thereafter, check if the Roku error code 014.30 is resolved
  • If not perform the wireless network connection again
  • Sometimes, when your network key contains symbols and some punctuation marks, this error occurs
  • Change your network password to only numbers and letters
  • As an administrator log into your router
  • Identify the Wi-Fi password settings
  • Enter a suitable password
  • Finally save the changes
  • If the error persists, continue with the steps below

Add The Mac Address

  • If you are using the Mac address filtering option, your network may not recognize your Roku device
  • In case if a Mac address is shown on the error message, add it to your router
  • Then, check if the error code goes away, if not continue with the next step

Reset Your Roku Device

  • If all the above methods have failed, try resetting your Roku device
  • Make note that, this will clear all the existing data on your Roku player and it will be similar to new Roku device
  • On your Roku remote, press the home button
  • Thereafter select ‘Settings’ -> ‘System’ -> ‘Advanced System Settings’ -> ‘Factory Reset’
  • Following this, a prompt will appear and you have to enter your Roku pin
  • After the factory reset, you have to set up your Roku device from the beginning

You should be able to solve the error through these instructions. Furthermore, if the Roku error code 014.30 persists,  contact our customer service @ +1-805-457-0700 for additional troubleshooting. You will be properly assisted by our customer support in fixing the 014.30 Roku error.

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