Roku Media Player

Install the Roku media player to stream your favorite videos, music and view photos. If you are new to Roku, let us provide a few updates here. It’s interesting to explore the features of Roku Media Player

Roku media players are compatible to use with the latest servers and this is the reason why Roku customers opt for it

Complete Roku media player installation and then select the best videos and contents to begin streaming

Besides, recommend you to read the media player setup and an installation guide to proceed

Want to know the Top Features of Roku Media Player?

install the Roku Media Player

install the Roku Media Player

Top features and specifications of Roku media player is here to explore

  • You can watch videos, music files, view photos and much more
  • App developer – Roku
  • Belongs to the channel store category, Personal media
  • Media servers supported – Windows media player, Plex, Twonky, Ready DLNA, and Mini DLNA
  • Preinstalled on latest Roku models
  • The file formats that are not compatible will be blocked automatically
  • On the positive side, latest servers such as DLNA convert the files to the formats compatible to use with Roku media
  • You can also access the contents from local networks after selecting the appropriate settings
  • Free to install on Roku and formerly known as the USB media player
  • Easy to download Roku media player from the store

Servers Compatible to Use with Roku Media Player

  • Windows Media Player and Play ON
  • Twonky
  • Servioo
  • Mini DLNA and Ready DLNA
  • Tversity

File Formats Compatible to use with Roku Media Player

The below file formats are compatible to use with Roku media player

  • Compatible to use with USB drive formatted with the file systems – FAT16, FAT 32, EXT2, and EXT3
  • File format not compatible to use with Roku media player – DRM protected contents
  • Photos- JPEG, PNG, and GIF
  • Music formats-AAC, MP3, WMA, WAV and FLAC
  • Video formats compatible-MKV (H.264), MP4(H.264) and MOV(H.264)

Want to know How to Install the Roku Media Player?

Let us help you to install the Roku Media Player

  • To start with, choose the best and compatible Roku gadget
  • It’s the device reviews that help to choose the appropriate model
  • For brand new models, activate the network, set the language and display
  • Personalize the device settings as per your requirements
  • Now, move to the Roku channel store
  • Begin your search visiting the appropriate section
  • As you wait, the search results will appear on the screen
  • Select and then tap on the option, download
  • Also, check the app compatibility to use with Roku media player
  • Once if the installation is complete, open the app
  • Select the media type using the media type selection screen
  • Besides, if you would like to add more content, use the USB drive. Fix the drive to the appropriate port
  • Use the Settings > System> USB media to select the appropriate settings
  • Device selection is the next step and you can choose the best one
  • Find the videos or contents to stream
  • It’s good that appropriate folders are available to select the content type
  • Besides, if you miss any of your favorite contents, use the play, pause, and rewind buttons

Do you End Receiving Error Messages as you Stream Roku Media Player?

  • Check the app compatibility to use with your Roku device
  • Now uninstall the Roku media player app and begin the setup once again
  • Restart or reset your Roku device and check again
  • Also, verify the file formats used. Do not use the formats that are not compatible
  • Replace your Roku streaming device with a new one. Models are many and include Roku Ultra, Roku Express, Express Plus, streaming stick and much more
  • Not to mention, good speed and secure network is always recommended
  • Also, remember not to miss Roku media player setup steps

If you are interested to know more about Roku media player, features and installation steps, get help from our Roku support team

Add the files to start streaming

  • To add the contents to Roku media player, use a compatible USB drive
  • Then find the appropriate slot to insert it

Now to purchase Roku media player, wait for the latest deals and offers available

Finally to know more about install the Roku Media Player, features and specifications? Refer to the articles and blogs posted on our webpage or call us @ +1-844-661-1050.

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