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Wow things about the Roku

Roku is one of the best products available on the market. This product has the best features and also available at less cost. You can buy the Roku at an affordable price with high specifications. If you are the new customer of the Roku, here you can get the information regarding the Setup Roku account and on the Roku activation.

Things that are needed to complete the Roku activation using the

  • Roku streaming player
  • Smartphone or the computer
  • Healthy wireless connection

Steps to be Followed before Buying the Roku Model

  • Before you buy the Roku device, it’s better to check that the Roku model is compatible with your old tv
  • Some Roku TV can be connected with the tv using the HDMI cables
  • Or else if it is an old model tv, you may not be able to find the HDMI slots
  • So you can prefer the Roku model which comes with the audio-video cables
  • So make sure about the model of your tv before you buy the Roku device
  • Plan accordingly to your tv model

Initial Setup on the Roku Device

Activate Roku Code -

Activate Roku Code –

The Roku setting is very much comfortable. generally, people prefer Roku streaming for its easy setting feature

  • Unbox the Roku streaming player from the package
  • Check whether the components like power adapter, cables and remote, etc. are included in the package
  • Connect the HDMI cables to the Roku and the tv
  • If your tv doesn’t support the HDMI cables, then use the A/V output cables
  • Then power up your Roku using the power cables
  • Make sure that you select the correct inputs
  • If you forget to choose the right inputs, then you will not be able to get the Roku logo on the screen

Pairing the Roku Remote

  • Turn on your Roku and the tv
  • Check that you could able to view the Roku logo on the screen
  • If yes then proceed with the pairing steps
  • Use the fresh batteries to the Roku remote
  • Pair your Roku remote to the Roku device

Basic Settings

  • After the Roku logo, you will get the notification on the screen to complete the necessary settings
  • Enter the preferred language, location, time and date to the device

Network Connection

  • You will be suggested to add the wireless network to the Roku
  • Make sure that you will connect the healthy network connection to the Roku
  • Enter the settings and navigate to the wireless option
  • Allow the Roku to search for the available wireless network
  • After you get your home network name, enter the password and tap to connect to the network connection
  • It is better to use the wireless network when compared with the wired network

Software Update

  • After the network connection, you will get the software update notification on the screen
  • check that there is a stable network to the Roku device
  • Then proceed to make the device for the update
  • It is always good to keep your device updated
  • The device automatically starts to continue for the update
  • After the update, the device will restart and save for the made changes

Steps to Complete the Roku Link Code Activation

  • After the software update, you will receive the Roku account activation code on the screen
  • Note the code for the future reference
  • Then all you need is to visit the and enter the code on the activation code slot
  • Then you will be getting the screen which asks you to proceed with the account creation or with the existing account
  • If you are the new user, then proceed with the activation step
  • Enter the name, email id, password, etc. to create the account

Further steps

  • After completing the steps, you will need to add the channels
  • To add the channel, you can use the PayPal account or the card for the activation
  • After adding the channels, you can enjoy your favorite channel

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