CNN Channel

Cable News Network or CNN has its base camp at Atlanta. CNN has a very special distinguish for its 24/7 news coverage which is the first of its kind in United States. It played and vital part in television revolution since its launch way back in the 1980s.

Major Events Covered by the CNN Team

September 11 Terror Attacks

CNN is the first cable news channel in the planet earth to reveal about the terror attacks to the world which people in the United States call it as 9/11 attacks. CNN’s Journalist Carol Lin is the first to deliver a detailed report to the world on air. Most importantly CNN’s coverage on aftermath of the terror attacks was well recognized

2008 US General Elections

Leading up to the 2008 General elections, CNN deployed a large number of Journalists and reporters in the field. They also staged debates among contesting candidates, the idea which many news channels around the world reincarnated later. Another important idea used is the election night coverage which leads to a gradual increase in viewership for CNN.

2016 US General Elections

The CNN channel played an indispensable part in 2016 president elections. But in fact, they claimed mixed reviews on the process of telecasting the unedited footages of the “Campaign Rallies” staged by current US president Donald Trump

Availability on Other Platforms

CNN Live

Significantly CNN launched its website on the eve of 30th of August 1995. The site attracted a large number of viewers upon its launch and it still has a stronghold in the third decade running. Another feather on CNN’s cap would surely be the launch of “virtual reality” back in 2017. It produces the virtual reality videos on a 360-degree scale with the help of 3D images


Beme is normally known for making vlogs and short films and publishing it on YouTube. It was announced on the eve of November 28th, 2016 that CNN would procure Beme. The supposed intention was to upload News videos on YouTube platform via Beme News

Accolades Won By CNN

  • As a consequence of intelligence and innovation over the years, CNN went on to win Six Emmy awards in 2018 which is an industry record. Emmy award is confined to appreciate the excellence in the Television industry
  • Nima Elbagir, one of the highly acclaimed Journalist from CNN won the “Courage in Journalism” award in 2018 from an organization named IWMF

Adding CNNGO on Roku

 The process of adding CNN channel on Roku is a cinch and here is how to do it,

  • You must need a Roku account any content available in the device
  • If you haven’t signed up yet, visit
  • Most importantly now turn ON your Roku streaming device
  • Take your Roku remote and click “Home” button
  • Then the device will take some time to load
  • So, head straight to Roku channel store from the home screen
  • Look out for “cnngo” under the “News and Weather” category
  • Now try to download the cnngo app on your device
  • Therefore, the activation code makes its appearance on your screen after setting up the cnngo app using


  • As a consequence, now, you must visit site on your PC and you will be prompted to enter the activation code in the dialog box
  • Click ‘Continue to verify’ and you need to provide the network service provider’s name
  • And then you will receive the prompt to enter the login credentials
  • Now incase you don’t remember the network name and password, refer the device manual
  • Look on the hind side of your modem or Router where it will be provided
  • It’s advisable to contact the device manufacturer to seek help in this kind of situation
  • If the network connection is established, you will be ready to access cnngo channel on your Roku device
  • Now visit to get the Roku app on your smartphone by which you can access CNN channel anywhere
  • You can also control the device with Roku app if your remote is not working
  • So for situations like these, it’s a blessing in disguise for customers

It’s preferable to visit website or call +1-805-457-0700 in case you need a helping hand.

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