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Roku is an amazing product to buy, especially at the cost it is being offered in. It only means business, and they are very simple devices to understand. Easy to setup, affordable and much more to add as toppings to this already delicious cake. Another advantage of owning a Roku device is you get to stream a lot of channels for absolutely free. In fact, more than 40% of the channels are free. Even the priced channels mostly offer a free trial, that you use. Apart from the initial device purchase, everything else is going to just tag along for free. Being cost-effective, spend just around $40 for the Stick and enjoy these channels at a minimal cost. For more information about Roku Streaming Stick, please visit

What is a Roku Streaming Stick?

Roku Streaming Stick is one of the handy models of the Roku family. Probably, the one with the most value for money! You will not need a cable to connect the device with your TV, because the device directly goes into your TV’s HDMI port.

These channels are ubiquitous, available to stream on your Roku. You can connect your Roku Streaming Stick to any Wireless internet, and that means you can take TV with you, anywhere. Worry not when you are traveling, hotels and dorms too are well thought out by the makers of this device.

roku streaming stick setup

Roku also provides with the purchase of a, an AWR. The AWR device amplifies the signal receiving range of a Roku device. This device helps Roku Streaming Stick receive signals from both the WiFi and the remote, even if it is connected to a Port behind the TV.

Roku Streaming Stick Specifications

  • Content Streaming
  • MHL/HDMI output
  • Digital Multimedia Receiver
  • Stereo Sound Mode
  • Remote Controlled

How to set up a

The set up of a Roku Streaming Stick is a basic process.

  1. Unbox the Roku Streaming Stick.
  2. You should have a Streaming Stick device and a remote control.
  3. If you have a, you should have an additional AWR device.
  4. For a Roku Streaming Device, please connect the RSS device to the HDMI port.
  5. Amongst the different sources, you are now recommended to choose the HDMI port, the one to which the device is currently appended
  6. You can do this by navigating to the Input Controls.
  7. After you do that, you should see the Roku home screen.
  8. Navigate to the settings from your menu.
  1. Click on the Network Settings.
  2. After you click the Network settings, please wait for the Roku device to scan for the nearest WiFi networks.
  3. After it lists those devices, please pick your network.
  4. Provide the necessary credentials to authenticate yourself to use the network connection.
  5. Once connected to the internet, please go back to the main menu and login to your Roku account.
  6. Once connected to the internet, please go back to the main menu and login to your Roku account.
  7. You can proceed the setup process if you have a Roku account

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How to activate your Roku account in

Hey everyone! Initially, Let’s see how to activate your Roku streaming devices using or

  • To begin with, Connect your Roku device using the HDMI cable to your TV. Als o, use the power cable to connect your device to the power source.
  • Insert batteries to your Roku remote and pair it to your device. Power up your Roku device and choose the language preference and input channel of the HDMI cable.
  • Set up the internet connection to your device, either wired or wireless. Let’s get started. Once your Roku device detects the network signal, it downloads software, and in the end, displays the Roku link code.
  • Now open your browser on your phone or PC and search for Enter the activation code and submit. Then log in with your Roku account. Finally, Begin the Stream!

How to add channels on and do Channel activation?

  • To begin with, you require a Roku account. Make sure you have one to manage your Roku device.
  • Now pick up your Roku remote and press the home button on it to enter the Roku homepage.
  • Navigate to the streaming channels section to find numerous channels under different categories.
  • Add the channel to your home page and open it as soon as it downloads.
  • The TV screen displays the Roku activation code for the channel.
  • Now go to the appropriate channel activation link and enter the code and follow the prompts to activate the channel.
  • That’s as simple as that!

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How to create a Roku account?

Creating a Roku account is a simple, two-step process.

Please go to Roku’s home page in a web browser and click on create an account. Enter all your details, which in this case will extend to personal, payment and security related. After submitting this form, you will have a contact verification step, where Roku will provide you with an OTP that you will have to enter into the Roku screen.

On submission of the verification, you will have to enter your payment details on the second form. This payment method will be charged for the purchases you make on the account via your Please furnish valid account details or card credentials. Every time there is a transaction, you will have to verify it for security purposes.

How do I activate channels on Roku?

Every time you make a purchase or extend a subscription, Roku charges you the amount to be paid for the channel from your payment information. To do this, you will have to verify the transaction in two places. One, at the payment gateway and two, in the Roku channel store.

The payment gateway verification is foregone by most of the banking institutions, but the Roku Channel store at least lets you verify the purchase. is very similar to any other Roku device, wherein, channel purchases will become valid only on authenticating a corresponding channel activation code. This is most cases will be on the channel activation webpage, opened on a separate web browser window.

Roku mobile app

Once you login with your credentials into the Roku account, from your device, you can use your Roku mobile app to control the TV. Apart from enabling channel purchases and other account handling, it also acts as a remote when time be.

You can perform voice searches in the Roku channel search, and even use the Roku mobile app for private listening. Really helps when you’re watching a program alone when everyone’s asleep. Not very much if the program is a horror one, just saying.

You can search for the free-channels, install and stream them, and you can watch as many as you want! You can even subscribe to private channels if you know their channel code, since they don’t show up search.

Roku mobile app

Troubleshoot the Roku streaming device setup errors

  • To begin with, make sure you completed all the steps I mentioned earlier without skipping any.
  • Check the activation link whether you have entered it right.””
  • Have you create a Roku account with a valid email address. You will not receive the activation link if your email id is invalid.
  • Check whether you have selected the correct HDMI input channel, which might cause issues while viewing the video,
  • Make sure that your router and your Roku device stay beside each other without any barriers.
  • Go to setting and system and check your Roku update version. If your device is not up to date, please update it.
  • Please check your internet signal strength using it on your phone or laptop and contact your ISP provider in case of poor or no signal.
  • Restart your router and your Roku device and start the setup steps.

If you need any help setting up your, or creating a Roku account, or logging into your Roku account from your Roku device, we will help you! You can call us on our toll-free number and let us know the issues you are facing with your Roku set up, or channel installation. We are open 24*7, and we will walk you through the troubleshoot. Happy Streaming!

Frequently Asked Questions

1.How to link Roku to an account?

  1. To link your Roku to your account, you must have one at first.
  2. Hence Go to and navigate to the sign-in option.
  3. Click on create an account and enter your email address, password, birth date, and your gender.
  4. On the next page, set up your PIN preference and select your payment method to have your Roku account.
  5. During activation, go to and enter the Roku activation code.
  6. Login in with your Roku account to link your Roku device to our account.

2.How to resolve the network issue when Roku Stick is not connecting to Wi-Fi?

  1. Firstly check whether your streaming stick is powered on. You can notice the light flashing if your device access a power source.
  2. Choose the HDMI input path appropriately on your TV.
  3. You can black out sometimes while using any apps or channels due to a poor internet connection. Go to settings and check your internet connection signal strength and follow the troubleshooting steps on
  4. You may try to uninstall and reinstall apps if you come across any malfunctioning.
  5. Disconnect your router and Roku device and restart from first to check whether the issues are resolved.

3.How to overcome Roku Stick buffering issues for particular channels?

It frustrates when you keep facing playback issues and buffering. There few steps to effectively fix those. This occurs mostly in case of poor or no internet connection.

  1. Reduce the distance between your router and your streaming device.
  2. Decrease the number of devices connected to the same network.
  3. Restart your router as well as your Roku device

4.How do I activate my Roku?

  1. Simply set up the Roku device to your TV.
  2. Choose the language and input channel.
  3. Set up an internet connection to your device.
  4. Wait for the software download to get the Roku link code.
  5. Now google for and enter the activation code.
  6. Log in with your Roku account to start streaming!


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